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AdvantageGuaranteed Critical Hit on next attack
Backup PlanRecover 10% Health Per turn. Revive with 80% Health and 30% TM when defeated.
Bonus ProtectionProtection increased
Critical Chance UpIncreases Critical Chance by 25%
Critical Damage UpIncreases Damage by 50% on a critical hit
Critical ImmunityCannot be critically hit
Damage ImmunityPrevents all damage
Defense UpIncreases Armor and Resistance by 50%
Evasion UpDodge increases 15%
ForesightEvade next attack (if able)
Heal Over TimeHeals at the start of each turn
Health UpIncreases maximum Health by 15%
Master PlanGrants 100% Turn meter and cooldown reset when special attack used
Offense UpIncrease Physical and Special attacks by 50%
Potency UpIncreases potency by 50%
RetributionCounter attack
Speed UpIncrease speed by 25%
StealthCannot be targeted
TauntForce enemies to attack this character
Tenacity UpResist all negative status effects
ValorGrant Endurance 20% TM and reduce its ultimate ability's cooldown by 1.

Ability BlockPrevents the usage of special attacks. Passive abilities still work
Buff ImmunityPrevents the toon from gaining buffs
BurningDeals damage over time and minimizes chance to evaid
Critical Chance Down25% reduction in chance to crit
Damage Over TimeDeals 5% of the characters max health at the start of their turn (reduced for raids)
DazeCannot counter, assist or gain bonus turn meter
DeathmarkCharacter taunts and will lose 50% of their max health when hit
Defense DownDecreases Armor and Resistance by 50%
Evasion DownReduces dodge chance by 25%
ExposeCharacters takes extra damage on next hit equal to 20% of their max health (reduced for raids)
FractureSpeed set to 0. Cannot gain buffs, bonus attacks or bonus turn meter
Healing ImmunityCharacter cannot gain health or protection (except by Barris)
Health DownReduce max health by 20%
Offense DownDecrease Physical and Special attacks by 50%
ShockCharacter cannot heal, gain buffs or gain bonus turn meter
Speed DownReduce speed by 25%
StaggerRemove 100% turn meter when hit
StunSkip next turn
Target LockAllows ships to apply extra detrimental effects
Tenacity DownMinimizes chance to resist negative status effects
Thermal DetonatorWill explode eventually and cause damage