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If you complete all of the daily challenges and finish Galactic War, you will get at least 165 free crystals every day. If you do all of this and finish first in Squad Arena, you'll take home 615 free crystals. So the best thing you can do is to do well in Squad Arena.

Daily ChallengesCrystals
Hard Won (5 Hard Battles)2
Daily Squad Arena (2 Battles)2
Use the Force (3 Light Battles)2
Daily Fleet Arena (1 Battle)3
Mission Directive (10 Battles)2
Give in to the Dark Side (3 Dark Battles)2
Battle Hardened (3 Cantina Battles)2
Upgrade a Mod3
Master Collector (Open Data Card)2
Challenge Completion (2 Challenges)2
Fleet Challenge Completion (1 Challenge)2
A Delivery Awaits (Buy 3 Shipments)2
The Galactic March (1 GW Battle)10
Daily Activities (Complete all above)24
Daily Activities Prize Box 20(RNG 5-100?)
Other Activities
Squad Arena Award50-500(depending on rank)
Galactic War25
Daily Login10(300/month)