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Having great mods allows you to customize your toons and makes a huge difference in the outcome of the battle. Each mod will have between 1 and 5 dots (•••••). The more dots it has, the higher it's primary stat will be. You want 5• mods.

When you level up a mod, its primary stat will increase up to the maximum allowed by its dots. Here are the possible primary stats for each mod shape, and the maximum value that you will get when you level the mod up to 15.

ArrowCrit Avoidance15%16%18%21%24%
TriangleCrit Chance7.5%8%8.75%10.5%12%
TriangleCrit Damage22.5%24%27%31.5%36%

Mods also come in different colors: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Gold with Gold being the rarest and best. Each color level will cause the mod to appear with an extra secondary stat. White: 0, Green: 1, Blue: 2, Purple: 3, Gold: 4.

When a mod passes levels 3, 6, 9 and 12 it will either get another secondary stat OR if it already has that secondary stats, one of the existing secondary stats will increase instead. For example, if you have a green mod with a secondary stat of speed, when you level that mod up to 3, that speed will increase by a random amount, but that's the only chance for that speed to increase. When you level it to 6, 9 and 12 it will get another secondary stat instead.

Mod Farming

There are two places to get high level mods.

Mod Store

Mods will randomly appear in the store, giving you a chance to preview them before you purchase them with crystals or credits. They are quite expensive.

Mod LevelCrystalsCredits
5• white20162.17M
5• green23182.5M
5• blue27222.93M
5• purple32263.48M
5• gold36293.91M

It is slightly better to use crystals to purchase credits from the resources store and then use those credits to purchase mods, however mods are not always available to purchase with credits, so you have to be very patient.

Mod Challenges

If you complete the hardest tier with three stars, you will be able to farm the best mods. For 16 energy, you will get one mod. Here are the odds that it will have various qualities:

Mod LevelDrop Rate
4• and lower73%
5• white16%
5• green5%
5• blue3%
5• purple2%
5• gold<1%

Mod ShapeDrop Rate

To find the combined odds, multiply the two percentages. For example, if you want a 5• purple cross, thats a 0.3% chance (0.02*0.14=0.0028). Pretty rare! And if you also want a particular primary stat, like a speed arrow or a potency cross, that's rarer still. Good Luck!

Most Efficient

Which is the most efficient way to get mods? It depends on what you want. A single 5• mod from the store will cost you over 3000 crystals, but you know what you are getting. For those 3000 crystals you could do 30 refreshes in the challenges and get 225 random mods with 10 of them being pretty good. So, if you just want more mods to use in various places, go for the Mod Challenges. If you have plenty of good mods and you just need a few spectacular mods, wait for the right one to appear in the store and buy it there (with credits if possible).