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Raids > Tank Takedown (HAAT) HEROIC Phase 2 High Scores

44,287,883EnergyXzJTR(L), r.trooper, zr2d2, zbb8, zc3poView Image
43,837,980EnergyXzJTR(L), r.trooper, zr2d2, zbb8, zc3poView Image
43,009,294CrawdaddyzFinn(L), zCLS, zHan, Leia, C3POView Image
41,008,600HaV0K80 zJTR(L), zR2, zBB8, C3P0, FinnView Image
39,571,941JPzJTR(L), C3P0, BB8, RT, R2View Image
36,292,050GG3zVader(L), zCLS, zWampa, zBB8, ThrawnView Image
35,393,850SkelturixAA(L), zCLS, zHan, Thrawn, BB8View Image
35,102,290AurorinaAckbar(L), HanJ, zHanS, zCls, zBB8 View Image
34,073,914GatrilianzVader(L), zWampa, zCLS, GAT, BB8View Image
32,465,984SidiousIsPikachuAA(L), zCLS, zAsajj, Thrawn, BB-8View Image
31,807,897J3ffr3yAkbar(L), zCLS, Thrawn , zVentrice, Bb8 View Image
31,676,175TarKa SteinAckbar(L), zCLS, zHan Solo, Thrawn, BB8View Image
31,536,683TehNeoMetaAA(L), zzzCLS, zzGAT, zzBB8, zzHanView Image
31,453,840KeomizZader(L), zWampa, zzCLS, zThrawn, zBB-8View Image
31,413,059maxfromAkbar(L), zCLS, zThrawn, zHan Solo, BB-8View Image
31,358,004Jalladarackbar(L), Zsolo, Zthrawn, Zcls, Bb8View Image
30,990,666Q.Akbar(L), zBB-8, zGAT, zCLS, zAsajjView Image
30,526,007SidiousIsPikachuAckbar(L), zCLS, zAsajj, Thrawn, BB-8View Image
30,030,687huatimusAA(L), zCLS, BB8, Hermit, zAsajjView Image
29,909,278LyricAA(L), zThrawn, zCLS, zHan Solo, zBB-8View Image
29,835,154BarneszyzRey Jedi Training (L), zBB8, zR2D2, zThrawn, zCLSView Image
28,968,801case rhuesongAA(L), zCLS, zBB8, Thrawn, YHSoloView Image
28,909,278LyricAA(L), zThrawn, zCLS, zHan Solo, zBB-8View Image
28,799,158AA(L), zThrawn, zHan Solo, zCLS, BB-8View Image
28,736,486Q.Admiral Akbar(L), zBB-8, zGrand Admiral Thrawn, zCLS, zAsajj VentressView Image
28,364,131Tbl0wzKRU(L), zFOX, zBB8, Thrawn, FOOView Image
27,557,984lakaiiAA(L), zCLS, zThrawn, BB8, zAssaijView Image
27,062,554Patachon59AA(L), zCLS, Thrawn, zHan, BB8View Image
25,928,677lakaiiAA(L), zThrawn, BB8, zCLS, zAssaView Image
25,158,894MarazarousJade Ackbar(L), zCLS, zThrawn, zHan Solo, BB8View Image