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Raids > Tank Takedown (HAAT) HEROIC Phase 3 High Scores

25,158,894MarazarousJade Ackbar(L), zCLS, zThrawn, zHan Solo, BB8View Image
25,158,894Rhil MargosAckar(L), zAsajj, BB-8, zThrawn, zCLSView Image
25,158,894MeatheadMilitiazFinn(L), Poe, zRaid Han, zC3PO, LeiaView Image
25,158,894Gul SkiAA(L), zTrawn, zCLS, zAsajj, zBB8View Image
25,158,894wqnxy1AA(L), zCLS, zAsajj Ventress, Thrawn, BB-8View Image
25,158,894Zigga RattAckbar(L), zAsajj Ventress, zCLS, zThrawn, zBB-8View Image
25,158,894Conrad Culpeper Ackbar(L), zBb8, zCls, Thrawn, zVentressView Image
25,158,894ForceKillerAckbar(L), zCLS, zAsaj, BB8, ThrawnView Image
24,861,352wqnxy1AA(L), zCLS, zAsajj Ventress, Thrawn, BB-8View Image
24,798,291ModulousAA(L), Thrawn, zRaid Han, zBB8, zCLSView Image
24,413,404DAKRENAckbar(L), zCLS, zHan Solo, zThrawn, BB-8View Image
24,347,883CaptDadioAckbar(L), zzCLS, zzThrawn, zzAsajj, BB8View Image
23,369,602wqnxy1AA(L), zCLS, zAsajj Ventress, Thrawn, BB-8View Image
22,517,854SojynAckbar(L), BB8, zCLS, zThrawn, zHan SoloView Image
22,002,207yungleballzzzJTR(L), zzR2D2, zzBB8, zCLS, zThrawnView Image
21,610,995EricAA(L), zRHan, zBb8, zThrawn, zCLSView Image
21,392,653FlamesEagleXAckbar(L), zAsajj, BB8, zThrawn, zCLSView Image
21,040,767yungleballzzzzJTR(L), zzzR2D2, zzBB8, zzCLS, zzThrawnView Image
20,714,717Conrad Culpeper Ackbar(L), Bb8, zCls, Thrawn, zVentressView Image
20,402,875SaxonzCLS (L), Thrawn, Bb8 , zR2D2, zHan SoloView Image
20,284,206Juan0805Ackbar(L), zRaid Han, zCLS, Thrawn, BB8View Image
20,217,633DarthBills NtNAckbar(L), zCLS, zThrawn, zHan Solo, BB8View Image
20,140,128wqnxy1AA(L), zCLS, zAsajj Ventress, Thrawn, BB-8View Image
18,769,298RayRayzCLS(L), zThrawn, zR2, BB8, zHanView Image
17,153,368Obi 0n3zCLS (L), zR2-D2 , Bb8, Thrawn , zRaid Han View Image
16,977,411Denis UAAdmiral Ackbar(L), BB-8, Grand Admiral Thrawn, zHan Solo, zCommander Luke SkywalkerView Image
16,201,639RoninAA(L), bb8, zThrawn, zRhan, zCLSView Image
15,800,119J3ffr3y_1aiAkbar(L), zAsajj, zCLS, Thrawn, BB8View Image
13,780,148Old_No_SevenzZinn(L), RT, zRey, zBB8 , PoeView Image
13,332,807WeedywoozJTR(L), zR2, BB8, Scav Rey, RTrooperView Image