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Raids > Tank Takedown (HAAT) HEROIC Phase 4 High Scores

48,346,357Daferm77zFinn(L), zzCLS, zRaid Han, zzBB8, C3POView Image
16,117,428AldebaranzJtr (L), zR2d2View Image
12,937,249KaiffffzView Image
12,584,765AlloondaTalzin(L), Daka, Ventress, Zombie , AcolyteView Image
12,455,996trustmanzzzJTR(L), zzFinn, Rey (Scav), zzBB-8, zzR2D2View Image
12,455,996Sherveen MuschifurchezFinn(L), Doe Pameron, BB-8, Resistance Trooper, Resistance PilotView Image
12,455,996Sherveen MuschifurchezFinn(L), BB-8, Poe Dameron, Resistance Trooper, Resistance PilotView Image
12,455,996KaiffffView Image
12,455,996lucasremzZody(L), Serg, Echo, zZLeia, FivesView Image
12,455,996RS shik18Rey jediView Image
12,455,996Mutteasy ?zKRU(L), zFOST, SFFOTP, FOO, FOXView Image
12,455,996PapichewlozFinn(L), Res Pilot, Res Trooper, Poe, BB8View Image
12,455,996314zzazzFinn(L), Bb8, RP , RT, PoeView Image
12,455,996Endall BeallJedi Knight Guardian(L), Greedo, Luminara, Jedi Consular, zWampaView Image
12,455,966Le Darthe DuderrWedge(L), zEzra, zCommander Luke Skywalker, Biggs, Princess LeiaView Image
12,450,931RybaizFinn(L), Poe, Rey, ResTrooper, zR2D2View Image
12,403,262MolUsquezFinn(L), Poe, RT, BB8, RPView Image
12,296,005 SyncMasterzJTR(L), zBB8, zR2D2, Scav Rey, RTView Image
12,167,137DTzzzKRU(L), zzKylo, zzFOST, FOX, FOOView Image
12,094,875DTD4204 zFinn(L), Poe , Resistance Pilot , BB-8 , Resistance Trooper View Image
12,020,406EStilozFinn(L), Poe, BB8, Ray (Jedi Training), Resistance TrooperView Image
11,960,311HumanoidezTalzin(L), zOld Daka, Acolyte, zVentress, ZombieView Image
11,924,553SkelturixWedge(L), Biggs, Leia, zCLS, EzraView Image
11,436,374TzunamizRey (JT)(L), Resistance Trooper, BB-8, Rey (Scavenger), zR2-D2View Image
10,675,598ThemyzCody(L), zFives, Echo, Leia, CloneTroopView Image
10,464,567tacochopperWedge(L), Biggs, zCLS, zR2D2, zAsajjView Image
10,211,841HK(L), zR2D2, BB8, IG88View Image
9,848,601MolUsquezcody(L), five, echo, sergeant, leiaView Image
9,620,944DukkhaWedge(L), Biggs, Ezra, zCLS, LeiaView Image
9,292,841SkelturixWedge(L), Biggs, zCLS, Ezra, LeiaView Image