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Please share your SWGOH raid high score screenshots here. You can have the bragging rights to the top score, and everyone else can learn how to do better!

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25,259,360mol-elinazJTR(L), zR2D2, zC3PO, zBB8, zFinnView Image
24,229,878KsenzJTR(L)(L), zzR2-D2, zzC-3PO, zzBB-8, FinnView Image
20,520,048RiggerzJTR(L), zBB-8, zR2-D2, zC-3PO, FinnView Image
19,183,582ChamiconzJKR(L), zGMY, Bastila, zHoda, zJoleeView Image
17,372,666RiggerzJTR(L), zBB-8, zR2-D2, zC-3PO, FinnView Image
16,787,919RiggerzRevan(L), zJolee, zGMY, Bastila, GKView Image
16,453,095SwidozRevan(L), zGmy, zHoda, zBastila, zJoleeView Image
16,318,284RiggerzJTR(L), zBB-8, zR2-D2, zC-3PO, FinnView Image
15,992,362pretszRevan(L), zGMY, zJolee, zBastila, HodaView Image
15,010,112KsenzJTR(L), zR2-D2, zC-3PO, zBB-8, FinnView Image
14,730,816kbilla24zRevab(L), zGMY, zJolee, zBastila , Hermit YodaView Image
14,205,186KsenzRey (Jedi training)(L), zC-3PO, zR2-D2, zBB-8, FinnView Image
14,009,414RiggerzJTR(L), zBB-8, zR2-D2, zC-3PO, FinnView Image
13,442,815DownbyLawzJ Revan(L), zGMY, zH. Yoda, zJolee, zBastilaView Image
12,782,756wppzJKR(L), zGMY, Hoda, Bastila, zjoleeView Image
12,514,043mol-elinazJTR(L), zC-3PO, zBB-8, zR2-D2, RESISTANCE TROOPERView Image
12,299,264Krevik zJTR(L), zR2, zBB8, zC-3PO, FinnView Image
12,040,296Blueboy626zJTR(L), Finn, zBB-8, zR2-D2, zC-3POView Image
11,540,217mol-elinazJTR(L), zC-3PO, zBB-8, zR2-D2, RESISTANCE TROOPERView Image
11,091,691KrevikzJTR(L), zR2, zBB-8, C-3PO, FinnView Image
11,002,519MrGrumpyzRevan(L), zBindo, zGmy, zBastilla, zHodaView Image
10,970,191yungleballzzzJTR(L), zC3PO, zzBB8, zzR2D2, FinnView Image
10,954,869Nacho ForcezJTR (L), Finn, zR2d2, zBb8, zC3p0View Image
8,906,820VNHG KienPhamzRey (Jedi Training)(L), zR2-D2, zBB-8, Rey (Scavenger), Resistance TrooperView Image
8,216,762Nacho ForceJTR(L), Bb8, C3p0, R2d2, RTView Image
7,911,667Huber84zJtr(L), zBbb8, zR2d2, Rey, R.troperView Image
7,894,882RickDeckardCainzJTR(L), zBB-8, zR2-D2, zRey, RTView Image
7,527,245salamimeister3zJTR(L), zBB8, zR2D2, Finn, RTView Image
7,272,994GoosezRjt(L), zBb8, zR2d2, Scav rey, RtView Image
7,167,504DrKenGzGMY(L), zVisas, zEzra, zQGJ, zHodaView Image