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Please share your SWGOH raid high score screenshots here. You can have the bragging rights to the top score, and everyone else can learn how to do better!

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9,993,770Huber84zAsaj(L), zTazz, Daka, Zonbi, TaliaView Image
8,818,646DrKenGzAsajj(L), zTalzin, Daka, Talia, ZombiaView Image
7,914,608RhagartzAsajj(L), zTalzin, Daka, Talia, ZombieView Image
7,909,861SoonerBrynzAsajj(L), zMT, zDaka, Talia, ZombieView Image
7,728,065DarthJoeouszzAsajj(L), Talia, Zombie, zDaka, zTalzinView Image
7,440,107ErimzAsajj(L), Talzin, Talia, zDaka, ZombieView Image
7,398,344Dave Starkiller99zAsajj(L), zTalzin, zDaka, Talia, ZombieView Image
5,768,334OneWorldAwayzAsajj(L), zDaka, Talia, zMother Talzin, Nightsister ZombieView Image
4,916,781yungleballzzzAsajj(L), Daka, Talia, Zombie, TalzinView Image
4,915,128Andro EsteronezAsajj(L), zDaka, zTalzin, Talia, ZombieView Image
4,611,217Sarevok zAsajj(L), zTalzin, Daka, Talia, ZombieView Image
3,642,445MattzZasajj(L), zZtalzin, Talia, zZdaka, ZombieView Image
3,443,597Ice DaemonzAsajj(L), zDaka, zTalzin, Zombie, TaliaView Image
2,662,676Daferm77zzAV(L), MT, Daka, Talia, ZombieView Image
2,493,550AnnecozAsajj(L), zTalzin, Talia, Acolyte, zDakaView Image
2,336Matt zAsajj(L), zTalzin, zDaka, Zombie, Talia View Image