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Please share your SWGOH raid high score screenshots here. You can have the bragging rights to the top score, and everyone else can learn how to do better!

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3,602,238,364SGTSkidszJTR(L), zR2, zBB8, zFinn, ScavReyView Image
31,486,600Green EnvyzMT(L), zAsajj, zDaka, Zombie, InitiateView Image
15,329,842ChamiconzRevan(L), zGMY, Bastila, zJolee, zHodaView Image
14,165,338DreadfullordbanezZzzRevan(L), zZzGm yoda, zZzHoda, zZBindo, zZBastila View Image
13,328,873zeroturbozJTR(L), zBB8, zR2, ScavRey, RTView Image
12,407,023kaelarzzzJTR(L), zzBB8, RP, RT, sReyView Image
12,385,484Laady AileenzRJT 3xz(L), zBB-8 2xz, zR2 2xz, Rey Sc, zHermit 2xzView Image
12,030,613ScrubmarzRJT (Lead, Insight)(L), zBB8 (RWTP), zR2 (NC,CA), sRey, RTView Image
11,971,486rivalsoundszJT Rey(L), zBB8, zR2D2, Rey (Scavenger), Hermit YodaView Image
11,779,481MattzzzzRJT(L), zzzR2, zzzBB8, Scavenger Rey, RTView Image
11,759,232Fraggy82zzzzJTR(L), zzBB8, SRey, ResTrooper, zzzR2View Image
11,321,560RifftuzzzzJTR(L), zzzR2, zzzBB8, sRey, RTView Image
10,488,699ScrumbarzRJT (Lead, Insight)(L), sRey, JE, zBB8 (RWTP), zR2 (CA, NC)View Image
9,785,193Jonathan FreesezzzGMY(L)(L), zzBastila, zzJolee, zzEzra, zzHodaView Image
9,469,278GG3zRevan(L), zGMY, zBastilla, zHoda, zJoleeView Image
9,446,562SinhzzThrawn(L), Rex, DT, Shore, BB8View Image
9,291,178RaumzJTR(L), zR2-D2, zBB-8, Rey, RTView Image
8,928,190GatrilianzJTR(L), zBB8, zR2D2, Rey, zBarrissView Image
8,747,311wqnxy1zzzzJKR(L), zzGMY, zzJolee, zzBastila, zzHodaView Image
8,728,250predizJTR(L), zBB8, RP, sRey, RTView Image
8,524,982yungleballzzzJTR(L), zzR2D2, zzBB8, RT, FinnView Image
8,414,054offskyzJTR(L), zR2, zBB8, zZarris, zReyView Image
8,168,553GrindelwaldzRJT(L), zR2D2, zBB8, Rey Scavenger, Resistance TrooperView Image
7,798,967PanzJTR(L), zR2D2, SR, zBB8, Barriss View Image
7,583,480yungleballzzzJTR(L), zzR2D2, zzBB8, RT, ScavReyView Image
7,569,189GuckkastenzzzzJtr(L), zZaris, zzBB8, zzzR2, RTView Image
7,455,974Jonathan FreesezGMY(L), zBastila, zJolee, zEzra, zHodaView Image
7,418,485yungleballzzzJTR(L), zzR2D2, zzBB8, RT, ScavReyView Image
7,186,921Clue BuswalkerzzJTR(L), zzBB8, zzR2D2, Resistance Trooper, Rey Scav.View Image
7,149,822Darth MeatwadzJedi Rey(L), zR2, Scavenger Rey, zBB8, Resistance TrooperView Image