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Please share your SWGOH raid high score screenshots here. You can have the bragging rights to the top score, and everyone else can learn how to do better!

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76,790,990The Chosen OnezMT(L), zVentress, zDaka, Initiate, AnakinView Image
75,823,536Ayreon SuncrusherzFinn(L), zC3PO, Chewie, zRaid Han, BB8View Image
74,254,343swedegeekzCLS(L), zC3PO, zBB-8, zEzra, zRaid HanView Image
68,284,664MindheadzzzzCLS(L), zzBB8, zzC3PO, zHan, EzraView Image
60,895,433Ayreon SuncrusherzZFinn(L), zZHan, Chewie, BB8, zZC3POView Image
52,639,886Rock JoyzAsajj(L), zTalzin, zOld Daka, Zombie, InitiateView Image
45,575,706sHustr1yzTalzin(L), zAssaj, zAdept, Zombie , zDakaView Image
45,575,706sHustr1yzTalzin(L), zAsajj, Zombie , zAdept, zDakaView Image
37,039,873swedegeekzCLS(L), zC3PO, zBB-8, zEzra, zRaid HanView Image
35,014,267ChanizTalzin(L), zAsajj, zDaka, Zombie, SpiritView Image
32,314,564FirebrigadezTalzin(L), zAsajj, zDaka, Initiate, ZombieView Image
27,691,495MurmozzzTalzin(L), zzzAsajj, zzDaka, Zombie, InitiateView Image
27,614,367Green EnvyzMT(L), zAsajj, zDaka, Zombie, InitiateView Image
26,868,716FuriosazMother Talzin(L), zAssaj, zOld Daka, Spirit, ZombieView Image
25,418,910LordMellozZtalzen(L), zZzassaj, zZdaka, Zombie, initiateView Image
23,536,572AllJetNoPilotzTalzin(L), zAssaj, zOld Daka, NS Spirit , NS ZombieView Image
22,011,248President SkroobzFinn(L), zC3P0, zBB8, zRaid Han, ChewieView Image
19,447,731ZalandasView Image
18,850,973RoninzzzTalzin(L), zzzVentress, zzDaka, Spirit, ZombieView Image
15,729,650SpuckzzTalzin(L), zzAsajj, zzDaka, Zombie, InitiateView Image
15,147,400LargeHawaiianzJTR(L), zR2, zBB-8, RT, Scav ReyView Image
13,433,347Andro EsteronezzzJTR(L), zzBB8, zRey, RTrooper, zzR2-D2View Image
13,433,347Andro EsteronezJTR(L), zBB-8, Rey, RTrooper, zR2-D2View Image
12,425,713President SkroobzFinn(L), zBB8, zC3p0, zCLS, zRaid hanView Image
11,054,556Cas rhuesongzTalzinz(L), zVentresszz, Initiate, Daka, ZombieView Image
10,162,835kaelarzJTR(L), zR2, zBB8, sRey, RTView Image
9,374,079PikappazVader(L), zSidious, zBoba, Thrawn, ShamanView Image
8,705,857MLFNKzJTR(L), zBB8, zR2, Scav Rey, RTView Image
8,523,877RifftuzzzJTR(L), zzR2, zzBB8, sRey, RTView Image
7,257,718BobbyzCLS(L), zHan Solo, zChewbacca, zC3PO, zPrincess LeiaView Image