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Please share your SWGOH raid high score screenshots here. You can have the bragging rights to the top score, and everyone else can learn how to do better!

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24,653,493JakkuzVentress(L), Acolyte, Old Daka, zHan Solo, stHanView Image
12,720,375skylolsSTHan(L), zDN, Jyn, Leia, zSavageView Image
7,391,295SkatterzzzAsajj(L), zzzTalzin, Old Daka, NS zombie, TaliaView Image
5,985,298Rock JoyzAsajj(L), zM.Talzin, N.Acolyte, zOld Daka, TaliaView Image
4,820,812kasiaXVXzAsaj(L), zTalzin, zDaka, Talia, ZombieView Image
3,978,447CarlzAssaj(L), Daka, zTalzin, Zombie, AcolyteView Image
3,006,917Andro EsteronezJTR(L), zR2-D2, zBB8, zVisas, zHanView Image
2,463,312yungleballzzzAsajj(L), Daka, Talia, Zombie, SpiritView Image
2,174,911Mind BenderzBShan(L), zHMY, zGMY, Ezra, GKView Image
2,039,587DimmonazzzAsajj(L), zzMT, Daka, Talia, ZombieView Image
1,524,677zVader(L), zSidious, zThrawn, Palp, TarkinView Image
1,493,598DreighenVader(L), Death Trooper, zSavage, Visas Marr, RexView Image
32grpatterzJTR(L), BB8, zR2D2, GK, ScavReyView Image
0KaizzDarth Maul(L), zzVader, zPalpetine, zNihilus, Savage OpressView Image
0NataView Image
0FadezJtr(L), zBb8, Scav , zR2, GkView Image