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Raids > The Pit (Rancor) HEROIC High Scores

10,304,366offskyTeebo(L), Jyn, Rex, Tarkin, DengarView Image
10,304,366SidiousIsPikachuzVader(L), Tarkin, Thrawn, Magma trooper, TFPView Image
10,304,366DTD4204Wedge(L), Biggs, zCLS, zHan SoloView Image
10,304,366NightRushWedge(L), Biggs, zR2D2, zCLS, zHan SoloView Image
10,304,366WojeauxzVentress(L), zMT, zDaka, Talia, GhostView Image
10,304,366Buddy GhoulzVader(L), Palpatine, Tie Fighter Pilot, Thrawn, TarkinView Image
10,304,366ErpelHazezZody(L), CLS, Fives, Echo, Clone SgtView Image
10,304,366PoncheWedge(L), Biggs, zCLS, QGJ, RexView Image
10,304,366Dmitrii (Zm)Teebo(L), QGJ, Tarkin, Thrawn, TIEView Image
10,304,366KashnumzZader(L), zzThrawn, Palpatine, Nihilus, TarkinView Image
10,304,366raymanzcommander luke skywalker(L), zgrand admiral thrawn, zhan soloView Image
10,304,366Snarky CollisioTeebo(L), zCLS, zR2, zrHan, Ewok ScoutView Image
10,304,366Silke79Rey (Jedi Training)(L), zCommander Luke Skywalker, zR2-D2, zHan Solo, BB-8View Image
10,304,366Varangian VigilantezDarth Vader(L), zGrand Admiral Thrawn, Magma Trooper, zDirector Krennic, zGrand Moff TarkinView Image
10,304,366PhizzxzCLS(L), Thrawn, Jyn, RexView Image
10,304,366ChriszZader(L), Palp, TFP, CLS , REXX View Image
10,304,366AlterusWedge(L), zHan Solo, Jyn, Tie Pilot, CasianView Image
10,304,366offskyWedge(L), Biggs, zCLS, zHan SoloView Image
10,304,366skuddyzVader(L), Thrawn, Jyn, Tarkin, TFPView Image
10,304,366DragooonzVader(L), Thrawn, TarkinView Image
10,304,366offskyJyn(L), zCLS, Bistan, Teebo, RexView Image
10,304,366TallsTeebo(L), Commander Luke Skywalker, Rex, Quigon-Jin, EzraView Image
10,304,366BrianzRey (JT)(L), zHan, BB8, Poe, Rey (Scav)View Image
10,304,366SidiousIsPikachuAckbar(L), zHan Solo, zCLS, Ezra, BB-8View Image
10,304,366SkyzRey jeudi(L), Bb8 , zHan solo, zCls, ReyView Image
10,304,366ThefooWedge(L), Biggs, zCLS, zHanView Image
10,304,366DamienzVader(L), Tarkin, Thrawn, TIE FP, JynView Image
10,304,366SidiousIsPikachuzVader(L), zHan Solo, Tarkin, Thrawn, TFPView Image
10,304,366sL ApKTeebo(L), zCLS, R2D2, Rex, QGJView Image
10,304,366sL ApKzCLSView Image